A New Day...

A New Day...

I thought I'd try putting some of my poems here so that others had access to them. Forgive their imperfections, their creator is only human. I hope that you might find some small use for these poems, simple though they are.

If you like a poem or choose to use one for anything - please leave a comment - I'd like to hear from you.

(If I have modified a poem to better suit a person or situation, I will try to upload both the original and modified versions.)

(As I get time I'll try to add more - don't expect all of them at once...)

All poems and selections are Copyrighted by Melinda Durrant

Sunday, May 20, 2012


The door stands open
To pass through
To stay

I pause
Wondering if 
What lies beyond
Worth the risk

One step
Then another
Moving forward
The threshold

I cross
Into a new day
Facing the future
The past

Moving on

-MLD 2012

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas poems...

For the last several years I have written poems for Christmas and given them to family and friends. They are not fancy or particularly fine, but some people seem to like them, so I thought I might share a few here. If you like them and want to share them, great... if not, that's okay too... :-) As I find a few more I'll share them as well....

 (If you do like or share them, feel free to leave a comment... yeah... guess I'm kind of needy that way... lol)

It’s the time of the year when we all gather ‘round
To sing well-known carols with a sweet, joyful sound

We give to our families, our neighbors, our friends
It’s the one time of year that we hope never ends

We hear stories of reindeer and elves and a sleigh
With a jolly old man who gives gifts away

But the story that makes the whole season so dear
Is the story of a child who would help conquer fear

It’s the story of angels and shepherds on a night
When a star in the heavens shone oh so bright

With a manger and stable and swaddling bands
The child was held in Mary’s gentle hands

With Joseph at watch through the night dark and deep
The child slumbered calmly in Heavenly peace

And that’s what is special about that long ago night
When Heaven came to Earth - what a glorious sight  

At this Holiday time comes my wish for us all
For a world full of love, peace, and  kindness for all

 - Melinda Durrant
   December 2009

We know that gifts aren't only found
Wrapped beneath a tree
There are things we give each other
The world just cannot see

Like the gift of time that's given
Through a visit to a friend
Or the sense that someone cares
As a listening ear we lend

There are gifts of home and family
That money cannot buy
And we know that if we need a hand
On our friends we can rely

There are gifts of hope and comfort
Given freely from the heart
It's these gifts we give each other
That set us all apart

So thank you all for sharing
Your homes and families, too
A hope for peace and happiness
Is our special wish for you

           Melinda L. Durrant
                 December 2008

It’s Christmas

When Mary, fair, brings forth her newborn child
When Joseph watches humble, meek and mild
It’s Christmas

When a new star shines its light upon the earth
When shepherds keeping watch rejoice His birth
It’s Christmas

When with joy the heavenly choirs of angels sing
When Wise Men gifts of priceless value bring
It’s Christmas

When a stranger stops to lend a helping hand
When goodwill to all is spread throughout the land
It’s Christmas

When the sound of children’s laughter fills the air
When the world is filled with joy and not despair
It’s Christmas

When we gather with our friends and family near
When we share our love and hope for the new year
It’s Christmas

For Christmas comes this once a year to show
The love our Father sends so all will know
It’s Christmas

By: Melinda L. Durrant
December 2008

We celebrate the Savior's birth
Born with men to live on Earth

Our Heavenly Father's gift of love
Sent to Earth from Heaven above

The greatest gift that we can do
Is serve our neighbors - me and  you

The Light of Christmas shines so bright
Through gifts of service day and night

That special feeling in the air
That shows each person that we care

May Christmas fill your heart with peace
May love and goodwill never cease

Melinda L. Durrant
December 2006

Santa Claus is on his way
With all his reindeer and his sleigh

The elves have worked so hard all year
To bring each child some Christmas cheer

The list was checked – first once…then twice
To see who’s naughty and who’s nice

He’s loaded up his magic sack
With dolls and trucks and trains on tracks

A whistle to his four-legged crew
Begins his yearly trip anew

To spread the smiles and love and joy
With every little girl and boy

Melinda L. Durrant
December 2006

Christmas time has come again
With hopes for peace among all men

Little ones hurry with holiday glee
As they gather to sit on Santa Claus' knee

The sweet sound of carols ring through the street
As loved ones and neighbors and friends gladly meet

Exchanging best wishes and holiday cheer
Remembering fondly the fast fading year

Reflecting again on the ultimate reason
We join together to honor the season

For one baby born long ago, far away
Changed the whole world on that First Christmas Day

Mary and Joseph held the child so dear
While Angels and Shepherds and Wise Men were near

As the Father sent down his Gift from above
Bringing Hope to the world through his Infinite Love

Melinda Durrant
December 2005

T h i s   t i m e   o f   y e a r 
 S e e m s   t o   b r i n g 
 A   m a g i c   t o u c h 
 T o   e v e r y t h i n g 

 T h e   f r o s t y   a i r 
 T h e   f r o z e n   t o e s 
 T h e   f i r e ' s   w a r m t h 
 T h e   c a n d l e s '   g l o w 

 W i t h   q u i e t   a c t s 
 O f   k i n d n e s s   s h o w n 
 O u r   h e a r t s   a r e   c h e e r e d 
 O u r   h o p e s   h a v e   g r o w n 

 G o o d   f r i e n d s   a n d   f a m i l y 
 G a t h e r i n g   ' r o u n d 
 V o i c e s   r a i s e 
 I n   j o y f u l   s o u n d 

 W e   c e l e b r a t e 
 T h e   I n f a n t ' s   b i r t h 
 T h e   S o n   o f   G o d 
 C o m e   t o   E a r t h 

   -   M e l i n d a   L .   D u r r a n t 
 D e c e m b e r   2 0 0 3

Sunday, July 10, 2011



                 Amidst the cobalt blue

                                                Scattered drops of rainbow
                                       Soar heavenward
                                                                               By gravity
                                                       No mortal shackles
                                          To keep them
                                                                                        Carrying treasures
                                                                                Precious messages
                                                                           Beyond sight

- MLD, July 2011

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


It came to me
When I was young
That I would never be
       A great philosopher
       A healer of wounds
       A doer of mighty deeds
       A finder of hidden treasure
I am but a gardener
Simply a planter of seeds
A waterer of saplings
Encouraging tender shoots to burst forth
Overshadowing the gardener
As branches stretch ever nearer
The great vast expanse
I am not forlorn
That the world
Knows not my name
I am content
That the seed sown
In the midst of the tumult
Has thrived and now
Sends forth seeds of its own
For me to plant
And nurture
And love

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I wrote this poem for a very dear friend. I hope it helps in some small way.


It's hard to understand right now
The trials that you face
You wonder what transpired
To lead you to this place

You ponder shoulds and might have beens
The what-if's and if-onlys
Sometimes surrounded by a crowd
You still feel awfully lonely

"I'm not sure if I can take this, Lord."
You say as you're down on your knees
"Please give me the courage and strength to go on."
You send up to Heaven your pleas

And then you hear a whisper
So gently it wisdom imparts
A tender and loving prompting
That speaks to your troubled heart

"My child, I'm right here beside you
I'll never leave you alone
I know your trials and struggles
I've taken them on as my own."

"The road ahead may be rocky
Filled with bumps along the way
But dearest child, I'm ever near
I hear you when you pray."

"I know the prayers that fill your heart
When it feels like you can't go on
My Comforter I'll send to you
He'll help you to hold on."

"I love you more than words can say
I ache each time you cry
My heart is overflowing
My Spirit ever nigh."

"This time will not last forever
Though right now that may not seem true
Still, in due time all will be well
'Til then I'll carry you."

As quickly as it came
The gentle whisper departs
Leaving in its place a sense
Of peace and calm in your heart

He wants to have you understand
You are loved beyond compare
A precious soul He did create
A Royal and Heavenly heir

So lean upon His promises
They'll help to see you through
Reach out to Him with prayer and hope
He's reaching out to you

Melinda Durrant - June 2011

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Struggle

It’s tough I know to grow up right now
There’s temptation everywhere you look

It seems so harmless and risk-free
You don’t realize that is the hook

That drags you under before you know-
You’re fighting for your life

It seems to hold you tight until
You’re filled with confusion and strife

You wonder if the choices you’ve made
Have any chance of being forgiven

You wonder if you have the strength
To change and keep striving for Heaven

The stumbling blocks in your path right now
Seem to rise up and bar your way

But, those stumbling blocks turn to stepping stones
When you take time to sincerely pray

There is no choice that you can make
That will ever lessen His love

He only seeks to lead you back
To your Heavenly home, above

So keep on trying to resist
The temptations that mark your road

Remember  our Father has promised you
That he’ll not give you too heavy a load

We all will fall, and fail, and sin
Mistakes are a part of the test

But repentance and forgiveness will
Help give us a hope for the best

So, if you try and if you fall
Don’t give up, just keep fighting on

Keep reaching for the Iron Rod
That will lead you safely on

Avoid the mists of darkness
That would tempt you to stray from the path

Don’t look at the spacious building
Where the wicked will mock and laugh

Instead let your hand firmly grasp
The Rod with all your might

Focus on the Eternal rewards
You will earn at the end of this fight

Think ahead to the future beyond what you see
Beyond the haze of the world as it is

Don’t let a few stolen moments of fleeting bliss
Threaten the joy of being eternally His

Sometimes it will be lonely
You’ll wonder if there is only you

But rest assured that there are more
Who are watching out for you

On Earth right now and beyond the Veil
There are people who really care

People who will try their best
To help you to make it There

There to your Heavenly Father
There with a family so dear

There where our own Elder Brother
Will greet us and beckon us near

This life is a test, and a tough one at that
So keep the Enemy far, far away

Seek only the ones who enlighten your life
Seek the ones who will help on the way

You are worth so much more than you may ever know
You are worth all He suffered for you

Your life is of value far greater than gold
Far greater – if you only knew

For you have a royal birthright
Given before your mortal life began

A noble and special calling
That will help fulfill His Plan

Don’t give it all up because you’re feeling some doubts
Do not let the Adversary succeed

Hold fast to the Truths you’ve been taught in your youth
Hold fast I most earnestly plead

 Call out to Him when you feel lost and afraid
When you feel that you’d like to give up

He’ll send the Comforter as a help
Who will lift and buoy you up.

 Spend time on your knees and in studying His words
Fill your mind with worthy things

And you will know the lasting joy
That a well-lived life will bring.

-Melinda Durrant
June 2011

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Another year ends...

Here is a poem that I wrote for my staff this year. 

Our lives are full of changes
That’s what we’ve all been told
And when we’re faced with those changes
We must choose to be timid or bold

When facing the challenges ‘round us
We must choose to advance or retreat
We must resolve to battle onward
Or choose to accept our defeat

And though some battles may seem to be hopeless
When we are facing them day after day
There is always the hope we can conquer
When we forge right into the fray

So - carry on through the challenges we’re facing
With courage and compassion to spare
Encourage our students and guide them
Let them know just how much that you care

Face each day with the knowledge
That your positive impact will be
Felt longer than you can imagine
With each of the people you meet

  Melinda L. Durrant
          May 26, 2011

Thank you for all that you do to help our school. I hope that you have a wonderful summer.