A New Day...

A New Day...

I thought I'd try putting some of my poems here so that others had access to them. Forgive their imperfections, their creator is only human. I hope that you might find some small use for these poems, simple though they are.

If you like a poem or choose to use one for anything - please leave a comment - I'd like to hear from you.

(If I have modified a poem to better suit a person or situation, I will try to upload both the original and modified versions.)

(As I get time I'll try to add more - don't expect all of them at once...)

All poems and selections are Copyrighted by Melinda Durrant

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I wrote this poem for a very dear friend. I hope it helps in some small way.


It's hard to understand right now
The trials that you face
You wonder what transpired
To lead you to this place

You ponder shoulds and might have beens
The what-if's and if-onlys
Sometimes surrounded by a crowd
You still feel awfully lonely

"I'm not sure if I can take this, Lord."
You say as you're down on your knees
"Please give me the courage and strength to go on."
You send up to Heaven your pleas

And then you hear a whisper
So gently it wisdom imparts
A tender and loving prompting
That speaks to your troubled heart

"My child, I'm right here beside you
I'll never leave you alone
I know your trials and struggles
I've taken them on as my own."

"The road ahead may be rocky
Filled with bumps along the way
But dearest child, I'm ever near
I hear you when you pray."

"I know the prayers that fill your heart
When it feels like you can't go on
My Comforter I'll send to you
He'll help you to hold on."

"I love you more than words can say
I ache each time you cry
My heart is overflowing
My Spirit ever nigh."

"This time will not last forever
Though right now that may not seem true
Still, in due time all will be well
'Til then I'll carry you."

As quickly as it came
The gentle whisper departs
Leaving in its place a sense
Of peace and calm in your heart

He wants to have you understand
You are loved beyond compare
A precious soul He did create
A Royal and Heavenly heir

So lean upon His promises
They'll help to see you through
Reach out to Him with prayer and hope
He's reaching out to you

Melinda Durrant - June 2011

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