A New Day...

A New Day...

I thought I'd try putting some of my poems here so that others had access to them. Forgive their imperfections, their creator is only human. I hope that you might find some small use for these poems, simple though they are.

If you like a poem or choose to use one for anything - please leave a comment - I'd like to hear from you.

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All poems and selections are Copyrighted by Melinda Durrant

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Thank You Mr. D.

Thank You, Mr. Durrant

For thirty years our Mr. D.
Has taught at Huntington Elementary
He’s taught the grades from low to high
And watched as crowds of students went by

He’s bandaged hurts both big and small
And always helped us through it all
He pushes us to do our best
He knows that life is one big test

He’s taught our moms and dads its true
An aunt, an uncle, some cousins too
And through the years he’s shown such heart
In all our lives he’s played a big part

So thank you, Mr. Durrant, for your many years
Thanks for the laughter, for helping banish our fears
For teaching us how to treat others with care
For showing the way with such kindness to spare

You’ve helped make us who we are today
Your lessons and examples in our memory will stay
Know that in our hearts you’ll always be
Our one and only Mr. D.

Written by  - Melinda Durrant – March 2010

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