A New Day...

A New Day...

I thought I'd try putting some of my poems here so that others had access to them. Forgive their imperfections, their creator is only human. I hope that you might find some small use for these poems, simple though they are.

If you like a poem or choose to use one for anything - please leave a comment - I'd like to hear from you.

(If I have modified a poem to better suit a person or situation, I will try to upload both the original and modified versions.)

(As I get time I'll try to add more - don't expect all of them at once...)

All poems and selections are Copyrighted by Melinda Durrant

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Endowed From On High

Endowed From On High

A blessing has come
To you on this day
Endowed from above
You will search, ponder, pray

As you covenant and promise
His will to obey
His Spirit will guide you
Each night and each day

- Melinda L. Durrant

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